Pip’s Ireland Polocrosse Match

My team and I arrived back from Whoretown in Ireland last week. We won our first friendly test matches in Wales beating Australia by quite some margin. Then we travelled to Ireland. Poor weather and horrible conditions put our team in a bad state of mind. We arrived in Ireland a whole four days before the main competition. On the Friday it began. Our opening match against Ireland was a success as we beat them 20 points to 5. Later in the day we took on the favourites of the event; South Africa. We scraped a victory in one of the tightest games you will ever see. The score was 15:15 3 minutes till the end. When one of the South African players was sent off it marked the end for them. Final score 16: 18. The next day we had to take on Australia ones more and has no problem beating them with a final score of 21: 3. The UK under 16’s team won the whole Quadrangular series and by record is the best junior team in the world. No other Under 16’s team has ever had this status. I was also awarded best overall player of the tournament. I would like to thank my Coaching team, Manager, Fellow players and everyone that has helped to make this dream possible. Here are some photos of UK Vs Australia.

















Pip Wears Ariat, and the Sowerby Stanton Dealer Boot

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